Currently, we remanufacture more than a dozen types of laser toner cartridges. 

Our cartridges are built consistently, using the highest quality components available on the market.  When purchasing toner for example, there are at least 15 different vendors to choose from, offering at least 2-5 options of toner for each laser cartridge we remanufacture.  Once we choose a toner to use in a particular cartridge, then we have to choose a drum to match with that toner to achieve our desired results.  If we want a toner cartridge to get the highest yield possible, then we will purchase components for this cartridge that run cool (resulting in light print.  If we have a lot of customers that use a particular cartridge for graphics and typesetting, then we will purchase components that will give us a very warm running cartridge (resulting in dark print).

All of our cartridges are put through a stringent series of quality tests.  Only cartridges that pass our exacting standards are sent to our customers.