Active Imaging Services offers an extensive line of off-lease certified equipment. This equipment provides our customers with an excellent opportunity to obtain quality like-new equipment at substantial savings.

All off-lease equipment is subjected to a rigorous 10-point certification process by our certified experienced technicians.

  1. Covers are removed

  2. All internal parts are inspected

  3. Worn parts are removed and replaced

  4. All feed and pickup rollers are replaced with Original Equipment Manufacturer’s rollers

  5. All paper paths and trays are tested thoroughly

  6. Units are hand-cleaned

  7. Technicians verify the unit performs at the original manufacturer’s specifications

  8. All functions of the device are tested

  9. Each unit is connected to a PC or network to determine proper communication connectivity

  10. Units are double boxed and packed to ensure items are shipped safely

Many of our Off-Lease Certified Equipment comes with a full parts and labor warranty.